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Welcome, and thanks for stopping by! My guess is that you might be looking for something that's "missing" for you when it comes to fitness. Maybe you want to start exercising more, but nothing really motivates you enough to stick with it for the long haul. Maybe you work out all the time, but it's still just something you force yourself to do so you don't feel bad about your health or your body. Or maybe you're a super motivated live-at-the-gym type who's dealing with nagging pains or movement restrictions. My name is Griffin Coombs, and I am here for those of you who feel like there is something missing.

I've spent over a decade of deep immersion in the world of fitness, and as someone who never naturally connected with sports or exercise, the journey has been about discovering what's been left out. Here are the two biggest issues in the mainstream today:

1. Society's narrow definition of "exercise" limits our options. Sure, we've slowly become more open-minded to different training methods, but the majority of us are still convinced that only a handful of activities count as working out. It's time to admit that humans are meant to move in all kinds of ways, and to give ourselves permission to explore how we challenge our bodies. Who says you're too old to climb, jump, or balance on your hands? Who says basketball and football are more worthy of our time than gymnastics, dance, or martial arts? Exercise can be more for us than what we see in the gym or on the field, and I'm here to help you discover what that is for you.

2. We're taught to move but not how to move. There's a saying that goes, "You don't run to get fit; you need to be fit to run." I get it. You want to take care of yourself by getting in shape, and the best way to do that is to go hard, right? Wrong. There's a place for high intensity training, but think of how many of us jump into it without a baseline. Heck, even some of the most dedicated fitness enthusiasts aren't truly connected to their bodies, and look at the result: injuries, nagging pains, and stiffness that we convince ourselves is the price we pay for being active (Spoiler alert: It's not). I am here to show you - through combinations of strength, mobility, conditioning, motor control, athleticism, breathing, body awareness, and play - just how fun and challenging it is to work toward a body that looks great, feels amazing, and makes you proud.

I am an ISSA-certified Master Trainer and lover of human movement. It is my mission to help fitness enthusiasts to develop an authentic and sustainable relationship with movement and to close the gaps in their mobility, stability, and body awareness with an eclectic and dynamic approach to physical training. If you're still feeling lost when it comes to your own training, try asking yourself: 

Who am I and who do I want to be it comes to movement?

What are the physical skills I am curious and motivated to learn? 

Where do I like to move the most? Home? The gym? Outdoors?

When am I having the most fun in my body? 

Why do I move my body and/or want to start moving my body more?

How do I want my body to function today? In a year? In 20 years?


If these questions resonated with you at any level, please feel free to visit the "Contact Me" page and send me a message to explore how we can work together to tap into your movement potential.


Thanks again for visiting, and remember to reach for what inspires you!