Griffin Coombs
Movement Coach

Services & Rates

Personal Training Sessions

1 hour: $75

Coaching on movement quality, strength building, cardio & conditioning, and overall healthy lifestyle. I specialize in minimalist fitness (not much equipment needed), integrating often overlooked components of training: balance, fluidity, the mobility-stability relationship, and more.

These sessions are tailored to specifically for your goals and the context of your life.

*Note: All services are available globally online or in person for those local to Tangier, Morocco.

Corrective Exercise

1 hour: $75

Corrective exercise sessions are for those experiencing movement restrictions that are stopping them from doing their daily movements (from walking up stairs to competitive sports) optimally. Corrective exercise is also for those who may be more serious about their bodies and want to take a proactive approach at optimizing movement patterns. Our sessions are based on a program uniquely tailored to you, designed to resolve and/or prevent dysfunctional movement patterns through a combination of stability, mobility, and motor control.

Sessions are tailored specifically to your goals and the context of your life.

*Note: All services are available globally online or in person for those local to Tangier, Morocco.

Sports Nutrition

Unique Plan: TBD

For athletes looking to optimize their performance through nutrition, we work together to create a nutrition plan based on your sport-specific needs. Contact for more information on structure and pricing. 

Private and Semi-Private Classes

1 hour: $75

Private classes follow the exact same format as a group class. While the content is not tailored to the individual, the instruction is. This affords the student all of the benefits of a group class but with the attention of a personal training session. 

Students have the option of booking a private class (single student) or a semi-private class (splitting the session among a maximum of 5 total students).

Private classes are offered in the following:

  • Yoga
  • Kickboxing
  • Self-Defense & Close Combat
  • Mobility & Stability

*Note: All private classes are offered online or in person.

Breath Coaching

30 minutes: $45

Most people do not breathe properly, and like most things we don't usually think about, we don't realize what an impact it has on us until we start to change it. Breath coaching works in isolation and/or as part of movement & fitness training. 

One of the most fundamental things we can work on for better health and better performance is our breathing. 

So how, exactly, can breath work help people?

  • Decrease chronic stress and anxiety
  • Increase energy and focus
  • Improve posture and mobility
  • Improve cardiovascular health and performance
  • Improve core stability and decrease risk of athletic injury
  • Increase mental resilience 
  • Improve sleep
  • Improve recovery from physical and mental stress
  • Support immune health

What does a breath coaching session look like?

Each session depends on the client's experience level and goals, but most sessions will involve the following components in some capacity:

  • Breathing mechanics (proper diaphragm function, ribcage alignment, etc.)
  • Assessing tolerance to blood CO2 levels
  • Mindfulness via the breath
  • Downregulating and/or upregulating the nervous system via various breathing protocols
  • Increasing tolerance to blood CO2 levels
  • Applying specific breathing protocols to individual performance and/or wellness goals
  • Teaching and reinforcing effective breathing habits for outside the session

If you are interested in learning more about how breath coaching can help you specifically, please reach out via the "Contact Me" page, or send an email to 

Wellness Consultation

50 minutes: $65

If regular training sessions or pre-designed online programs aren't a good fit for your lifestyle, you are certainly not alone! Here are some of the common roadblocks that many of us run into:

  • This cookie-cutter online program works for others, but I am not convinced it works for me.
  • Regular weekly training sessions are not an investment I am prepared to make right now.
  • I don't just want a coach to tell me what to do; I want to know the why behind it so I can apply it in my own ways.
  • I have some experience with exercise and don't need a coach walking me through my sessions. Instead, I need someone to help guide me through the bigger picture.
  • I am an individual with a unique habits, values, and goals that need to be deeply considered more deeply than in a conventional training setting.

If those thoughts ever pass through your mind, a wellness consultation may be what you are looking for. This is not a training session but rather a conversation that includes a look into your past (lived experience), present (current situation), and future (goals) and prescribed changes that are sustainable and fit your unique lifestyle. Examples of common areas that we are include:

  • Exercise programming
  • Non-exercise movement
  • Approaches to nutrition
  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Posture
  • Breathing
  • Psycho-emotional relationships to all the above

Consultations are typically scheduled on an as-needed basis and can happen as frequently or infrequently as desired by the client. 

Disclaimer: No service here are intended to be a substitute for medical advice and should not be relied on as such. Always seek the guidance of your doctor or other qualified medical professional with any questions you may have regarding your health or a medical condition.